Labrador Pedigrees

What is a pedigree anyway? Very simply, a pedigree is a record of your dog’s ancestors – sire (father), dam (mother), grandsire, granddam, great-grandsire and so forth.  The American Kennel Club and other animal registries are designed to keep track of pedigrees. The AKC registration certificate you received for your dog means that its information is kept on file in the AKC’s records.  Find out what all those titles mean, see our AKC title page.

What is the difference in field lines and show lines anyway?  In the U.S., there are two distinct “lines” of Labradors: field lines and show lines. Field line Labradors have been bred with an emphasis on field or hunting ability, and show line Labradors have been bred with an emphasis on conformation and temperament. There is some dissension between the two groups, with field people claiming that show lines have lost much of their hunting and retrieving abilities, and show people claiming that field lines do not much look like Labradors any more and lack correct temperament. The truth is likely somewhere in between. Dogs from field lines will generally have a lot of drive, and will often exhibit more energy. They also tend to be taller and more slender then the “English” show type. Dogs from show lines might not be as fast, but most are capable hunters, though not necessarily field trail material. Whether you are interested in pet, show, hunting, etc., first determine the characteristics that you like and want. Study the pedigree for the ancestry that meets these characteristics then complete this with a quality breeder you can work with.   Hope you enjoy our dogs, any questions, just ask!

Range Creek Farm

This is the page that will contain all our pedigrees with photos.  I hope to have this site updated ASAP!  

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